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Jestina Duncan is...






These are words from family and friends. I would describe myself as a loving mother of four children, who has over come a lot and now building her dreams.

Hi, my name is Jestina Duncan founder and director of Females of Empowerment. Growing up I was always strong, bubbly and full of life.  A girl who had lots of friends, big dreams and a hopeless romantic. Wanting to have lots of children and get married one day. I got into my first serious relationship age 17 with a boy I had a major crush on; everything was good at first, even though I was young, I was overjoyed when I got pregnant with my first born son.

Fast forward two years, things started to go downhill very fast, the cheating, lying, name calling, then the abuse. This tore away the girl I used to be into a girl I didn’t know. I lost weight, felt down all the time, isolated myself from friends, lost all self-love and confidence in myself. I kept accepting the apologies, falling for the crying always believing things would change but it never did.

Two years later, I gave birth to my second son, six months later the relationship completely broke down enough was enough. I couldn’t bare to be with him any longer. He was gone, which was the best thing that  happened to me at that time and the beginning of a new life. Sadly my second son passed away not long after from heart defect as you can imagine this was the most difficult time in my life. I was at my lowest. Thankfully through going to church, family and friends, and most of all my son, I was able to heal and get through all that had happened to me.  The loss and memories of my son will forever stay with me but now I’m in a place of healing and acceptance.

No longer a victim... I'M NOW A SURVIVOR

One day I looked in the mirror and decided I’m going to be that girl I used to be. I want to be me again not the girl he turned me into. I want a new life, a new beginning for me and my son.

I moved into a lovely new home, I enrolled myself into college passed my course then moved on to university where I gained my BA Honors in criminal Justice and criminology.

I looked back in that mirror and for the first time in years I saw a beautiful, educated, confident, happy, bubbly woman looking back at me. I loved the woman I became, I was proud of the positive woman I grew and developed into.

I had dreams of supporting other woman who had been through domestic violence, however I fell into a different career for 5 years. I finally left my job to pursue my dream.

For 5+ years I worked in various women’s refugee’s supporting woman who have gone through Domestic violence as a support worker and also a temporary role as a family support worker.  Now I’m a founder and director of my own organisation.


Jestina Duncan has gained BA Honours Criminal Justice & Criminology, Diploma in life coaching & has completed a safeguarding young children & families training. Jestina has 5+years experience of working with vulnerable woman as a support worker and family support worker.




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