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Domestic Violence and Children


The effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Females of Empowerment understands that children can be traumatised by being exposed to domestic violence.  Seeing a parent being hit, shouting and constantly arguing is a scary image and feeling for them.  Children begin to feel unsafe, scared and confused.  Some children may suffer from eating disorders or may start wetting the bed as a result of what they are seeing in their household.

Children learn how to behave from an early age.  They are constantly watching the actions of their parents.  When watching their father physically attacking or verbally abusing their mother they may adopt that belief and behaviour, thinking it’s ok and normal to bully women.  They may look at women as stupid and an object to be dominated.  This can make a young boy grow into a bully with a lack of respect for women.  This can also affect young girls who may grow into women with low self-respect and self-worth, allowing men to abuse her.

This will effect childrens behaviour in school or at home by misbehaving, bullying, under-acheiving or struggling to form postive relationship with their peers.

No household is perfect, however children deserve to be living in a loving household. They need to feel love, affection and have fun. Children need to feel safe, secure and have a routine. They should having a peaceful night sleep every night to grow, develop and achieve in school. Children need to be taught right from wrong, show them the correct way how to handle situations not throwing tantrums or being a bully. Living in a healthy environment will help them develop good friendships and learn good social skills.

Children deserve love, happiness and stability. It’s a parents duty to provide this for their child/children.

Children learn how to behave from an early age.  They are constantly watching actions of their parents.

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