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How common is domestic abuse?


It's quite common...

Females of Empowerment research has shown that approximately one in four women have or currently experience domestic violence. It is therefore very common.

Any woman can experience domestic abuse regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion, class, disability or lifestyle.

Domestic abuse can also take place in lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender relationships, and can involve other family members, including children.

Domestic abuse is a largely hidden crime, occurring mainly in homes behind closed doors. As such, it can be difficult to record the context in which abuse is being perpetrated, or accurately measure the impact of the abuse on those who experience it.

Women are often afraid or unable to report or disclose domestic abuse to the police and may under-report domestic abuse in surveys, particularly during face-to-face interviews and therefore, domestic abuse figures could be considerably higher than actually recorded.

If a broader definition of violence is used (ie one which includes not only physical violence but also threats of violence, as well as sexual and psychological violence) victim surveys estimate that over one-third of women in the UK, who have a current or former intimate partner, have experienced at least one form of domestic violence in their lifetime.

Statistics show

Domestic abuse is a very serious and very real issue that is often overlooked, despite records showing that approximately 1.4 million women (8.5% of the population) suffered some form of domestic abuse between 2013 and 2014. It is known that 1 in 4 women in England and Wales will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes and 8% will suffer domestic violence in any given year, with domestic violence having the highest rate of repeat victimisation than any other crime.

1 in 3 women will experience violence at the hands of a male partner (State of the World’s Fathers Report, MenCare, 2015)

On average, a woman is assaulted 35 times before her first call to the police (Jaffe, 1982)

Seven woman a month are killed by current or former partner in England & wales . (crime survey England & wales 2013-14)

Every minute police in the UK receive a domestic assistance call – yet only 35% of domestic violence incidents are reported to the police (Stanko, 2000 & Home Office, 2002)

DV is the single most quoted reason for becoming homeless (shelter 2002)

Birmingham police statistics recorded calls every 30 secs (BWA) woman’s aid

Each year around 2.1 million people suffer some form of domestic abuse. 1.4 million woman (8.5 % of the population) and 700,000 men (4.5 % of the population)- ( crime survey England & wales 2013-14 London office for national statistics)

Each year more than 100,000 people in the uk are at high risk of being murdered or seriously injured as result of dv- safelives 2015

85% of victims sought help five times on average from professional’s in the year before they got effective help to stop the abuse- safelives 2015, insights idva national dataset 2013-14

1 in 4 women have or currently experience domestic violence.

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