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Freedom Program

Are you ready to have a deeper understanding of what you have been through?

Are you ready to meet with other women who have been through it too?

Are you ready to accept this was not your fault?

Are you ready to move forward with your life?

Females of Empowerment provide a 12 week intense workshop called the FREEDOM PROGRAM

The Freedom Program aims to give women a deep and meaningful understanding of domestic violence.  It helps women explore and talk about what they have been through, and teaches them how to deal with the trauma and overcome their experiences.

The Freedom Program examines the tactics, attitudes and beliefs on the actions of the perpetrator and the responses of women survivors.

Every week we will concentrate on a different aspect of the Dominator.  Each aspect employed by the perpetrator and the tactics used to control the victim, then examines the beliefs and values held by both perpetrator and quite often the victim too, and where these stem from.  And finally, it looks at how these behaviours and beliefs affect us a victims of abuse.

The sessions will also look at the effect of domestic violence on any children living in the home.

Each session ends by looking at the healthy good side of the dominator.

By the end of the program our women will feel more confident, empowered and less likely to fall back into an abusive relationship.  We want to help transform their pain into motivation, and help these women achieve their dreams whether that be higher education, self-employment, advancing their careers, and why, because we have been there, and we are passionate about transforming lives and empowering women.

2 hours workshop once a week for 12 weeks
1 hour 1:1 session

Group sessions

Light snacks provided

Intense, engaging and passionate

Pamper day event at the end of each workshop

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